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What NEVER changes.



It happens all the time, whether we want it to or not.


Change happens AROUND us...


Climate changes.


Fashions change.


Technology changes.


Methods of transportation change.


Careers change.


Residences change.


Mortgage rates changes.


Interest rates change.


The value of the dollar changes.


Music changes.


Channels change.


Relationships change.


Churches change.


Religion changes.


Our age changes.


The way we look changes.


Change happens IN us...


Our perspectives change.


Our values change.


Our goals change.


Our dreams change.


Our priorities change.


Our relationship with God changes.


WE change.


EVERYTHING changes with time…


Seconds become minutes, which become hours, which become days, which become weeks, which become months, which become years, which become decades, which become centuries, which become millennia, which becomes beyond what the mind can imagine. Curiously, all of this change occurs one second at a time...




God. He'll never change. He's always the same. Always has been. Always will be.


God's love for us. It's always the same. Always has been. Always will be.


God's Word.


Lord, your word lasts forever.

          It stands firm in the heavens. Psalm 119:89 NIV Readers Version


It's always the same. Always has been. Always will be.


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