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A footnote to "We have an enemy."

My last post ended with the statement, The battle was over, but not the war.


Actually, that wasn’t the end of the post. For some “mysterious” reason, the software program that I use wouldn’t accept the last few paragraphs. After several unsuccessful attempts to include the post in its entirety, I decided to give up and settled for where it ended. The battle was indeed over, and I figured that at least it closed on a positive note.


My frustrations were only beginning. It took me five tries to get the server to post on my home page, and when it finally did, it had mysteriously omitted the last paragraph that I’d “settled” for, abruptly ending in the middle of a sentence.


Undaunted, but growing evermore impatient, I pressed on until I finally got it to work, only to find out that the link the subscribers to The Seed receive announcing a new post led to a blank page! Aaagghhh!!!!


I have to share two of the several responses that I received from readers.


The first said, “And he stole your post! Sorry, but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying! Love you, Sam. Linda”


The second said, “How interesting. I clicked on the link to ‘We have an enemy’ and the post message came up ‘the blog post we have an enemy was not found.’

I guess we have no enemy. ‘Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.’ Love you, Annie”


Okay, since I have the tenacity of a bulldog, I’m trying this one more time…


Now, in the words of legendary radio personality Paul Harvey, here’s “The rest of the story.”


The battle was over, but not the war.


Today I’m still standing, still smiling, and still asking God for those opportunities each day, with a renewed sense of anticipation and determination. Most importantly, I’m filled with God’s peace. Funny, when I’m filled with that peace I sometimes take it for granted, but I miss it the moment that it’s gone.


With God’s help, I’m still waging war against the enemy every day. Every day. And I suspect that there’ll be another battle, and another, and another. That’s okay. You see, I know that the enemy isn’t gonna back down. But he knows that I’m not going to either.


There’s one more thing that I know. God already dropkicked the devil’s rear end when he cast him out of heaven! That battle lasted no longer than a nanosecond. BAM! It was over.


When God thinks that I’ve battled long enough, and am worn out, and am literally on my knees from fighting the good fight, all He has to do is think it. And my battle is over.


You think that I’m gonna quit fighting?


Not a chance.




Linda wrote on 11/30/12 6:28 PM

Great post! I stand with you and beside you in not quitting. Prayers for strength, vision, peace...
CC wrote on 12/03/12 8:40 AM

Of course you are not going to quit that is not your style or God's and this time of the year the enemy will attack us since people are sad, depress but we need to stand tall and stand with God that He will proctect us.
George wrote on 12/09/12 1:39 PM

Sam, good Sam, how are you. im doin ok , ok well not that great. im battling a battle that seems like i can not win. nowits gone from depression, to havin health issue's, if he is not attacking one way , he is attacking me in another. Im taking turns to step right into another battle. But like you said, im not giving up no way am i< but the battle is weilding me down, my armor is getting weak. sam i ask you, you are my guid, what can i do to be stronger. much peace love an respect for you an the family, your friend truly, Geo. also sry its been awhile , its been weighin heavey on me.

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