The Seed of Hope

A gift for tomorrow

Holding on...

“If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God,

          I’ll get you out of any trouble.” Psalm 90:14 The Message


Notice that God doesn’t advise us to turn to Him, or to merely pray to Him in times of trouble, but to hold on to Him for dear life. His promise carries a sense of urgency, doesn’t it?


Think about it for a moment…


Have you experienced days when a problem or circumstance was so overwhelming that you couldn’t imagine it coming to a favorable end? What did you do? Pray a lot? Tremble in fear? Get sick to your stomach? Pretend that it didn’t exist? Wait for it to solve itself? Turn to a friend?


Through it all, did you cling to God, knowing that He would deliver you from whatever it was? Was your faith in Him strong enough to turn only to Him? Did you really believe that He’d get you out of it?


Actually, God promises us much more than simply getting us out of trouble. And to receive it, all that we need do is to know Him and trust in Him.


“I’ll give you the best of care

          if only you’ll get to know and trust me.

Call me and I’ll answer; be at your side in bad times;

          I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party.

I’ll give you a long life,

          give you a long drink of salvation.” Psalm 90:15-16


Okay, could you pick anyone better suited to take care of you than God? Not only does He promise to care for us, but to give us the best of care! What more can we ask for?


But wait. It gets even better!


Not only will He get us out of trouble, give us the best of care, answer when we call, and be with us during bad times, but He’ll also rescue us and throw us a party when He’s done!


What’s that? You say that you’re kinda doubtful about the party? Check this out.


Every time that we hold on to God for dear life, and every time that we call out to Him, and every time that He delivers us from our troubles and rescues us, and every time that He picks us up off the ground so that we may continue on our journey, and every time we stand victorious because with God’s help we’ve overcome any obstacle before us…


Heaven celebrates! Every time.



CC wrote on 04/30/12 11:12 AM

This sure hit home specially with my son going to Afganisthan it sure hit home.
Sharon wrote on 04/30/12 11:58 AM

Yay! I could use a party right now!! :-)
Linda wrote on 04/30/12 3:22 PM

You don't realize how timely this is, Sam!!! Who better than Him, indeed?!!! And a party to top it off. Doesn't get any better than that!! :)
George Vincent Gurtler wrote on 05/10/12 11:12 AM

if the father throughs us a party when we have been delievered from evil then heaven is having the biggest one yet knowing that im reaching out to the father our dad for hlp gidience an a self of well being. i would do anything for the lord an his children an angels. one day im goin to through him a party so big that all of heaven heres us loving him an smiling up upon him. sam ty again. everytime i read somthing new u have posted i find more hope an salvation with the lord, an that my friend makes my heart soul an spirit sing. ty sincerley Geo.

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