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"Let go and let God."

I imagine that this particular bit of advice has been around for years, but my first recollection of it was a couple of years ago when it was offered to me by Ann Mincey. At the time I had just begun my “spiritual walk”, and was exhausting myself trying to make things happen as quickly as possible. Ann’s advice triggered a memory of my Dad always saying “Just put it in God’s hands….”


Funny thing is, I already knew that’s what I should do; I guess I just needed someone to remind me to do it! Seems I’ve always been that way….


As found in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, two of the definitions of faith are: 1. belief and trust in and loyalty to God 2. complete trust


You know, I’ve always had faith in God. Before this moment, I’d never really thought about the source of my faith; it has just always been there. I guess my faith was instilled in me by the depths of my parent’s faith in Him. I’ve always believed in Him, trusted in Him, and been loyal to Him. I may have even taken my faith for granted….like I said, it has always been there.


Of course, the level of my faith, the intensity of my faith, has never been what it is today. Before, faith was just a part of me. Now, my faith in God consumes me. I walk it, talk it, and live it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


That being said, you may think that “letting go and letting God” would be as easy for me as, I don’t know, as easy as 1-2-3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but it just doesn’t work that way!


That’s mine, and You can’t have it.


There always seems to be something, some “worry” that I have to keep for myself. I’ll give you an example:


During the past couple of years, I have given my life to God. That is to say, my mission in life has become revealing to others the absolute joy of walking with Christ. With each passing day, my faith in Him has grown stronger and stronger. And I have learned to put my life, and all of my worries, in His hands; almost.


I no longer worry about my health, or finances, or the opinions of others, or the future, or anything else that has cost me sleep at night,




our business, Salon M². Quite honestly, I don’t worry about the business as much as I do the people that work for us; some are not as fortunate, financially, as Jackie and me, and I’m always worried about their well-being. Not that there is anything wrong with my worrying, except that it is so foolish! In fact, it’s almost comical. Here’s why: Imagine me having this conversation with God….


“Okay God. I’m putting my complete faith and trust in You. I’m giving my health, happiness, wealth, future, and career to You, and all the worries that go with each one of them. I pray that you will look over me and provide me with all that I need, just as You have always done. I release all of my worries to you, EXCEPT, that is, for the salon. I want to keep that worry for myself. Yes, yes, I understand that I’ve given You everything else, but I think I need to keep this one for myself. Yes, yes, I realize that there is nothing greater than You, but I think I this one may be a little too big for You; I can probably handle it myself.”


Okay, you’d probably be laughing right now if it weren’t for the sad and sobering realization that at some point in time you’ve done this too. It may have been about your career, or finances, or any of the things I’ve mentioned. If I didn’t include your particular “worry”, it is only because a complete list of the things that we do worry about would take up all the storage space in this laptop!


If, like me, you’ve had one or more of these conversations with God, don’t add this to your worry list. It’s not a sign of your faith being weak, or something that you should beat yourself up over. And if you’re like me, you’ll give Him a particular worry one day, only to realize that you’ve taken it back the next! That’s okay too. I think that this process of giving (and taking) is a step along the way of you’re walking your walk, practicing your faith, and strengthening your faith.


Be persistent.


Just keep giving your worries to Him. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Ask Him to take your problems and worries and to give you whatever it is you need to live your life to its fullest. As you ask, Believe that He will give you what you need in life, and take what you don’t.


It may not happen that day, or that week, or even that month, but don’t get discouraged. And don’t give up. The more we are willing to give our problems to God, to “let go and let God”, the sooner we will experience the comfort and peace of mind that He gives us in return.



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Linda wrote on 03/21/09 6:30 AM

I'll never forget the day, as I professed to Jackie that I had turned "it" over to God. She responded, "yeah, but if you take any part of it back, you have to take it all". I was stunned! I'd never heard that before. But there it was in the Bible, just as she'd said. Let me just say that it was easier to really leave it on the Holy altar after that. Although I thought I had done that, I realized at that very moment that I was still hanging on to a small part of the problem. I didn't know about this "condition", i.e., leave it all or take it all back, and I've read through the Bible twice! Not wanting to have it ALL back made it much easier to leave it all with Him. The Bible tells us that "my people suffer from lack of knowledge". Thanks, Jackie & Sam, for filling in the blank spots of my lack of knowledge. I hope to be able to reciprocate one day!

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