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Power and Unfailing Love

What comes to mind when you think of power?


Strength? Control? Dominance? Authority? Command? Reign?


How would you define unfailing love?


A love that knows no limits? A love that withstands the tests of time? A love that’s as solid as a rock? A love that only grows stronger? A love that has no weaknesses? A love that never ceases?


How do you “see” God? Who is He? What is He? What are some of His attributes? Do you know Him?


There are times when we need to be reminded of what David knew about God because, well, because sometimes we forget…


One thing God has spoken,

   Two things I have heard:

“Power belongs to you, God,

   and with you Lord, is unfailing love”;

and, “You reward everyone

   according to what they have done.” Psalm 62:11-12


God is powerful.

Have you ever stopped long enough to really consider the scope of God’s power? He has authority over everything. He reigns over all things living, all creatures great and small. He controls the universe; the earth the moon, and the planets dance around the sun because of Him. Trees grow, flowers bloom, and clouds bring rain because He bids them to. Satan trembles at His voice. Yes, God is powerful indeed.


God’s love is unfailing.

Can you imagine loving someone as hard as you can, regardless of how many times they may have hurt your feelings or let you down time and time again? Would you still love that individual if the only time that you heard from him was when he needed something? Better yet, can you entertain the notion of loving someone who doesn’t even know you at all? Yes, God’s love is unfailing.


God rewards us according to what we’ve done.


Perhaps the “reward” to which David was referring had nothing to do with our salvation, or going to heaven. It could be that David is reminding us that God shows favor to those who love Him and serve Him while we’re here on earth. These “rewards” may not be tangible, as in money and possessions, but in intangible ones, such as happiness, love, joy, contentment, and peace.


It all comes down to this. Our God is a powerful God who loves us without question, and is always ready to shower His affections on us. Always.


Never underestimate His awesome power. Never forget His unfailing love. Never think that the things that you do for Him and His Kingdom go unnoticed. Never take your eyes off of Him; He never takes His eyes off of you. Never.



P.Dew wrote on 03/30/12 2:52 PM

Another wonderful blog. The phrase "never take your eyes off of Him" really spoke to me. So many times I have taken my eyes off Him after I have asked Him to take care of something. As I do this, I allow the devil and worldly things to come in and try to take away God's power. As long as I keep my eyes on Him, He is free to take care of me. I have found I limit God's power in my life if I do not keep my eyes on Him. Thanks again for a wonderful lesson. God's blessings on you and Jackie.
Linda wrote on 04/02/12 11:19 AM

I LOVE this post!
CC wrote on 04/02/12 12:19 PM

And who loves us as much as God and doesn't throw our screw up in our faces??? And to be rewarded in Heaven is awesome!

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