The Seed of Hope

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Your Heart

When you open your heart to the world you shed the shackles of fear, resentment, doubt, and loneliness. In doing so you open your arms to embrace all that God and His magnificent universe has to offer you, and you realize that it has been there all along, but you were blind to it. A closed heart is accompanied by eyes that do not see.

                                                                                                                                                               Sam Maniscalco

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David Crump wrote on 11/01/08 5:11 PM

Most people, are afraid of opening up, on being vunerable and transparent. God sees us as who we really are, but as humans, most of us don't like our flaws and faults being out in the open. It scares us, simply because we like to be liked by all who know us. We are afraid that if our friends knew our flaws, they would not like us. As in the bible"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". The possibilities of opening our heart and life are endless. Thanks Sam for your inspiration.
George Vincent Gurtler wrote on 05/11/12 9:11 AM

ive opened my heart up to people helpin them out , puttin food in there bellies, givin them a place to stay. i did this cause i felt the father would want me to . to help an to shar what little knlage i have bout him. well by reading what you have writin has made me see differently . now i have opened my heart up to heaven an the father an the holy spirit. i find myself talking to him now everyday like he is right there, wich he is, an its a great feeling to exspress an open your heart up to the father an the holy spirit, an jesuse as well.i have even opened up to buddah, wich was another great teacher of the words of the lord. well i ty again for givin me somthing else to think about. its great. ty sgain your friend Geo. now taht im opening up i dont feel so lost anymore. ty.

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